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Proud Teen Mother

I model - lingerie, pinup, parts, promotional, drape, etc. I'm a mother. I'm also someone's wife. To say we are in love would be an understatement. Anyways, my blog will reflect what I love - music, politics, hobbies, funny shit, random shit, and yeah, life. Enjoy and send me love. <3

In the past year i’ve had my first child, left his father, fell in love with a wonderful man that is by-far much better for me and my son, gotten engaged to him, became a Junior in high school, got my first job, taken my first road trip without family, etc. Pretty wonderful year and i’m looking forward to what’s coming up next. My son will be a year old, my love will be moving in with us, we may be adding to our family soon, i’ll be a Senior, graduate, get married, make my way to college and then see where life takes me after that.

In three days i’ll be 17, and i’m pretty happy about everything thus far. (:

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