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Proud Teen Mother

I model - lingerie, pinup, parts, promotional, drape, etc. I'm a mother. I'm also someone's wife. To say we are in love would be an understatement. Anyways, my blog will reflect what I love - music, politics, hobbies, funny shit, random shit, and yeah, life. Enjoy and send me love. <3

So I had acne a few years ago. If you’ve tried everything, literally, and none of it has worked for you, it’s probably because your skin is either resistant to chemicals and fancy shit, or chemicals just irritate it worse. Try water. Lots of water. Drink water, clean your face with water, love water. It worked for me and then I got pregnant with my son and his hormones mixed with mine and my face is completely clear now. Don’t go and get pregnant or some crazy shit, though. Just wash your face off every night and every morning with a wash cloth and water.